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Sales Policy 



All sales are conducted in accordance with the C & S Sale Policy, regardless of whether the buyer has read it or not. By inquiring about or purchasing a rabbit from C & S Farms, you are agreeing to comply with the policy in its entirety.


We reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason without explanation.

All sales are FINAL, unless it is reversed by C & S Farms. There will be no refunds or exchanges on canceled sales made by the buyer.

As we only breed to improve our own herd and our breeding pairs are chosen with confidence that they will produce the all-around best quality kits, C & S has the first pick of all rabbits until they leave. If a deposit is made we reserve the right to cancel at any time and provide options to refund the deposit or to place it on a different rabbit of the same cost upon your discretion.

Rabbits are not allowed to leave the rabbitry until 8 weeks of age. Sometimes we will hold them longer if we feel the rabbit is not ready.

Deposits are not accepted until the rabbit is at least 4 weeks of age. C & S Farms prices its rabbits around 4-5 weeks based on quality.

A 50% non refundable deposit is required to reserve a rabbit. If there is no deposit placed the rabbit is still considered “available.” The remaining 50% is due before or during pick up. This can be done with cash, Paypal, Venmo, or Facebook pay.

No rabbit will leave our possession until they are paid in full.

Rabbits are expected to be picked up at 8 weeks old. A boarding fee of $15.00 per week will be charged for each week the rabbit is boarded by C & S past the agreed pick up date.

We will not sell to anyone under the age of 18 without a parent or guardian’s consent. If you are under the age of 18 have a parent or guardian contact us.

Sex of the rabbit you purchase is not 100% guaranteed. We sex our rabbits at least three times before they leave our farm. We do our absolute best but sometimes when the rabbit is still in the kit stage, it can be difficult to identify. Always double check the sex of your rabbit before accepting delivery.


To ensure that C & S rabbits are always well cared for we ask the buyer to return the rabbit to C & S in the event the buyer can no longer care for the rabbit. C & S will take the rabbit(s) back at any time during the rabbit(s) lifetime. (Without refund).

If I find that you haven’t done so, this will restrict your ability to buy from me in the future


C & S Farms ensures healthy rabbits in the 8 weeks they are with us. Every rabbit we sell is healthy to the best of our knowledge. Under no circumstances will we sell a rabbit that appears to be sick or have health concerns. Once the rabbit leaves our care, we unfortunately cannot make any health guarantees, but the buyer will have 48 business hours to have the rabbit examined by a licensed veterinarian, at the buyer's cost. If the rabbit fails the examination, the buyer may return the rabbit with a written statement from the veterinarian, for a full refund or choice of a different rabbit. Failure by the buyer to have the rabbit examined within the 48 hour period will nullify this agreement. If the buyer chooses to keep the rabbit regardless of the examination findings, no replacement or refund will be given and all medical costs and treatment are the sole responsibility of the buyer. *This agreement does NOT cover the life of the rabbit. Once the 48 hour period has passed it will be null and void. There will be no refund given and all medical costs and treatments are the sole responsibility of the buyer.*

All of our rabbits are good tempered. However, temperament issues can occur or develop later at any age due to hormones or unforeseen factors. We handle our rabbits on a regular basis and breed for both type and disposition. We attempt to expose our rabbits to noise, children and other animals. We will not sell any rabbit that shows any sign of aggression prior to sale, but we cannot guarantee that a rabbit will never scratch, kick or bite. They are prey animals and it is in their nature to do so.


When coming to pick up a rabbit please bring a box or a carrier. It is your responsibility to transport your rabbit home safely. No transport cages/carriers/boxes will be provided unless previously discussed.

You should always check your rabbit upon seeing it to check for sex, type, teeth, whatever you may be expecting. Make sure the rabbit is what you are looking for before making a final decision.

Rabbits are very sensitive to sudden dietary changes. At pick up all buyers are provided with a baggie of transition feed to mix with their own feed once the rabbit gets to its new home.

Rabbits will go home with their pedigree, a copy of our C & S Care Packet, and access to our C & S Family facebook page. This page is where all of our previous and current customers post updates and ask questions.

All buyers are required to sign a copy of the sales policy before the rabbit(s) can leave C & S Farms.


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