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Holland Lops 

Size: 3-5 lbs

Life span: 7-14 years 

Diet: Fresh hay should be 70% of their diet, 30% of pellets, fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. 

Holland Lops are very energetic, never a dull monument when they are around! These rabbits are a perfect match for kids that want a pet to play with but also cuddle with, creating unbreakable bonds with each other. 

The Vienna Gene is responsible for creating the blue-eyed white. When you breed colors besides BEW to BEW, you will get what are known as Vienna Marked (VM) or Vienna Carriers (VC). A VM and a VC are genetically the same. The distinction is that a VM is a rabbit that outwardly shows the gene. The rabbit will have white “markings” in places there should not be white. For example, a white paw, a white nose, a white blaze on the face or forehead. Vienna Marked can also have blue or partially blue eyes. A VC will have no markings because it does not outwardly show the gene.

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