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Breyer Grace

Everyone meet the newest addition to C & S Farms, Breyer! Breyer is a field bred English Springer Spaniel in the color Black Tri Roan.

We are excited to announce that Breyer will be the start to our English Springer Spaniel breeding program. As always our animals are very important to us. Breyer is our family dog and will not proceed with breeding without passing the necessary testing to ensure she will produce healthy offspring while staying healthy herself. She has a long journey ahead of her. C & S Farms also has a long journey ahead, we decided to introduce Breyer early so we can take everyone along with us & share the love we have for this breed.

Our love for Springers started many years ago with our first two Easton and Ezra. This breed can make a great family dog in your home or a great hunter on the field. The typical Springer Spaniel is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn, and willing to obey. Such traits lend them to be easily managed and controlled. This is is essential on the field.

They are easy going, gentle, sociable dogs that make a great child companion and family dog. There obedience and quick learning skills make them hard to beat. They are an extremely happy breed. Always cheerful and playful, their tails are constantly in motion. One thing that we absolutely fell in love with is there distinct personalities. They are affectionate, good-natures and sincere and show so much emotion through there behavior. These dogs love everyone!

We hope you follow our journey & continue to grow with us! ♥️

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